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Key people to follow in the Vue world

For me, one of the small hacks to keep me posted with the tech/tools that I love is to follow the contributors or creators on Twitter. I like to read about what they're thinking, what they're working on and what are the next improvements for the tools. I even like to see their favorite memes 😆. So I encourage you to start this 2020 with the right foot following some brilliant people that are contributing to the Vue.js ecosystem in different ways: Evan You twitter:  @youyuxi Yeah, let's start with the creator. Evan has been working with Vue.js since 2014, and right now he's the biggest contributor, dedicating all of his time to the framework. On his Twitter account, you can find thoughts about the next steps of Vue.js and sometimes you can find tweets about UFC 🥊. Eduardo San Martin Morote twitter:  @posva Eduardo is part of the Vue Core Team, he's focused on the vue-router . Also, Eduardo is the creator of vuefire , a solution to create real-time b