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Books you must read as a Developer

The title says "Must" but in fact, this is my recommendation for you as a developer. The following books changed my vision and the way I work, this took me from having spaghetti code to a more structured and easier to maintain code base.  Also, helped me to improve my way of thinking in front of certain circumstances . Let's start: The Clean Coder by Robert Martin  Before I talk to you about the book itself, let me explain to you shortly who is the author: Robert Martin a.k.a. Uncle Bob has been writing code since 1970, he is one of the writers of the Agile Manifesto which defines better ways to do the whole development cycle. He is one of the most influential authors in OO programming. The book "The Clean Coder" talks from the perspective of his experience, as I said before he has been coding since the 70's,  a lot of time on the keyboard as you can imagine. The main point of this book is not to show you how to write good code per se, but how to