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The Micro Frontend Orchestrator: single-spa

In the dynamic world of modern web development, micro frontends have emerged as a pivotal strategy to break down monolithic frontend applications into manageable, independently deployable units. For the past two years, I've had the pleasure of working with single-spa (yes, all in kebab-case), a framework that has revolutionized how we orchestrate these micro frontends. Let's talk about why single-spa is an excellent tool for managing micro frontends and how it simplifies the complexities of modern web architecture. A Seamless Orchestrator for Micro Frontends single-spa stands out as a robust framework that seamlessly orchestrates different micro frontends without the need to worry about the internal tooling of each. When I first encountered single-spa, I was struck by its straightforward approach to managing multiple frontend applications within a single project. This flexibility allows you to use multiple JavaScript frameworks (React, Vue, Angular...) in one place, making it