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Boilerplate: Vue.js + ASP.NET MVC 5

If you need to start as soon as possible with a project using Vue.js 2.0 and ASP.NET MVC 5 , here I bring you a light Boilerplate/Template with the minimum setup 👍: Let's make this run: 1) First, clone the repository 2)  cd VueJS2-MVC5 3)  npm install 4)  npm run dev   ...And the  Vue.js  is running with h ot reloading on port 8080 Now let's go to the server-side: 1)  npm run build to build the web project "for production use" 2)  Open the solution in Visual Studio 3)  Make sure to run the web project on  http://localhost:54490 4) Press F5 and another window will open showing the built project on port  54490 Test the connexion between Vue.js and ASP.NET MVC: 1) Go to the windows  running the Vue.js project on  http://localhost:8080/ 2) Click on the button "Go and test the backend" 3) If the result says: " You have reached the backend " , everything i

Clean Code, even under pressure

We all have been in the position at work when the pressure comes, and delivering on time is a "life-or-death situation". There are a lot of factors that influence a bad project planning like wrong time estimation, workload distribution, team choice, etc...and maybe it will happen more than once, after all, we are humans and we are really bad forecasting. Certainly, nobody wants to work under pressure, we can't think clearly,  we try to work faster, making more mistakes than in a normal situation, it sucks I know. In those moments we tend to focus more on delivering at all costs, even sacrificing our reputation...and that's why I wanted to write this post. Keep in mind, when you are coding, maybe alone or within a team, you are building something to solve a problem, it doesn't matter how big or small it is, I'm pretty sure that problem will evolve over the time. Having said that, more and more code will be written. This code should be maintainable over