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Let's talk about Web Accessibility

Most web applications are developed for users with no disabilities, under the assumption that all users have the same  physical abilities and resources , when in fact it's the opposite. The circumstances of our users will vary from having internet issues to being physically disabled, and here is when Web Accessibility comes into play,  so you can optimize your web app and adapt it to all audiences. Web Accessibility  (a11y for short)   refers to designing/developing web apps so people with some kind of physical disability, situational disability, and socio-economic restriction (like low internet speed) can use them. Web Accessibility encompasses all disabilities that affect web navigation, including: 👁 visual 🧠 neurological 👂🏽 auditory 🖐🏽 physical  🗣 speech The first time I heard about this concept, I was surprised by the number of people who are restricted to fully use web applications. My first guess was that around 1% to 5% percent of the population has a disability, but