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Logging from ASP.NET Core with

Log and log often ~ Nobody said that. There's a quote that says "You can't improve what you can't measure". Logging events in web apps is one of those things developers tend to underestimate. In this tutorial, I will explain shortly how to implement  Elmah in ASP.NET Core for logging errors, important info, warnings, or any other kind of level.... and send it to the cloud service. You are maybe wondering, why there are others Third-party logging providers, but I chose this for 4 main reasons: * Vast documentation. * Public and private support of the product itself. * Cool user interface. * Cost (a freemium pricing model)   free plan discontinued :( First step: get everything ready with an account, go directly to their website and sing up. Once you are registered, sing in --> Dashboard --> click on the gear symbol of the organization  --> API Keys. Now create your API or use the default one: Second Step: To save y

Back to the game

Yeap! I’m back and this is my new blog where I plan to publish at least twice a month. I'll try to write about software development, useful tools, tips, share some experiences and tutorials, I do really like tutorials 😀 . About me Ok, I will copy-paste that from my personal website : I am a software developer who primarily works with Web Applications based on ASP.NET framework, I’m currently playing with ASP.NET Core. I have been involved in many tech projects, in the field of business, government, and startups, always working on both the back-end and the front-end. I consider myself a person with hunger for knowledge and always looking for new ideas to improve what the market has to offer. Why am I blogging again? Back in 2008, I met Ubuntu while I was taking a Cisco course, I fell in love with it and after one year I started a blog with some friends about Linux and everything related. I was blogging for about 4 years, but as an effect of the market in m