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VueConf Toronto 2019 - My Experience

I moved to Toronto this year, and I had the amazing opportunity to attend to one of the biggest Vue Conference, the VueConfTO 2019 . It was a wonderful experience, I meet in person some of the greatest contributors to the vue ecosystem and learned a lot from their presentations. This was a very multicultural event, there were participants that came from all around the world, E.g.: China, India, UK, Turkey, Sweden, Mexico, Spain, USA and many more. The conference venue was in an extraordinarily convenient place, in downtown Toronto at the Marriott Downtown, in case any participant would want to explore a little bit more of Toronto, the main attractions/places were nearby. The conference lasts 3 days, it included workshops, presentations, contests/quizzes, meals, after party, and a Q&A session with the core team. The MC of the event was Phil Hawksworth who entertain us during the whole presentations with some really funny jokes interacting with the crowd and the s