My experience adopting Vue.js with my coworkers

This year I had the opportunity to lead 2 projects at work, one was an API for the company's Mobile App and the most recent one was a Web App, this last one was the most joyful for me and I want to share my experience adopting Vue.js with my coworkers in this project.

Prior to the projects, I assigned a task to the team, "choose a JavaScript Framework" to use in our future projects based on 3 simple criteria:

1) Learning curve πŸ“š
2) Speed πŸš€
3) Documentation πŸ“‘

Maybe there are better criteria but I didn't want to overwhelm the team with a bunch of trivial ideas of how to choose the best JS framework, and we had to start with something as soon as possible. Also, my team was really worried about 2 hidden criteria:

1) Experience among the team member in any JS framework to be adopted.
We were going to face new concepts, paradigms, technologies, therefore we wanted someone who could guide us during the process which is normal when you're facing new things. There were only 2 developers on the team with JS framework experience; I had worked with Vue.js in a personal project ( and another coworker with Angular.

2) The framework's popularity.
Some team members didn't want to learn a technology not popular enough to be relevant for future job opportunities. I  understand them, however, I really disagree with this point of view. I had to emphasized that the JS framework didn't really matter to find a new job opportunity. Nevertheless, it's more important to improve your development skills.

We submitted our votes and as you can imagine for the title of the post, the winner was Vue.js.

The time to complete the Web App was only 3 weeks including the test, so there wasn't too much time to learn Vue.js. I made a short presentation, a demo, and give them some tips to start right away. The results were amazing, the team grasps the concepts really fast and we delivered on time.

To conclude, based on my experience I highly recommend you to try Vue.js, the community is pretty big, the learning curve is incredibly fast (tested by my team 😜), you will make awesome Apps with less effort. I also invite you to try vuetifyjs a Material Design Component Framework, your project will look prettier than ever.

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