Back to the game

Yeap! I’m back and this is my new blog where I plan to publish at least twice a month. I'll try to write about software development, useful tools, tips, share some experiences and tutorials, I do really like tutorials πŸ˜€.

About me
Ok, I will copy-paste that from my personal website: I am a software developer who primarily works with Web Applications based on ASP.NET framework, I’m currently playing with ASP.NET Core. I have been involved in many tech projects, in the field of business, government, and startups, always working on both the back-end and the front-end. I consider myself a person with hunger for knowledge and always looking for new ideas to improve what the market has to offer.

Why am I blogging again?
Back in 2008, I met Ubuntu while I was taking a Cisco course, I fell in love with it and after one year I started a blog with some friends about Linux and everything related. I was blogging for about 4 years, but as an effect of the market in my country where Microsoft is very predominant, I lost the interest for blogging about Linux and abandoned Richard Stallmans idea and his evangelism. At that time there weren't too many jobs demanding people who knew about Linux. So probably you would have died of hunger.

Nevertheless, I believe in sharing knowledge and work with Open Source projects. So that's the main reason of why I started this blog. Sometimes when I'm working on a project with a new technology and there isn’t enough documentation, I think "I should document this for a future use", guess what? ... I never do it. So I will try to transfer that documentation step by step on this blog and also many more things about software development.

I hope you enjoy and make your life easier.

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